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Western University
Biology 3475A/B
Jeremy Mc Neil

11192010 115300 AM Temporal separation so call at diff timesthcorn strain emits more pheromone on the 4 daydiff amounts of pheromoneExp in wind tunnelscorn female who emits pheromone at beg of night more males reach corn female than rice femalemaybe males are more excited at the beg of the night 50 of wrong strain gets to female of other strain most mating at beg of night when female isnt even emitting a sex pheromonebiased results are explained by thismale pheromones are short distance what happens to the hybrid rice females later at night rice female mated with corn male what does the daughter do When her paternal grandmother calls quanitity rice fem with rice mlemorelook at hybrid determined by maternal less likely to succeed at finding a mate wrong time with right pheromone or wrong pheromone at right timefemale rejects males of diff race OR of same race but not attractiveTake pheromones to understand reproductive isolating mech and migrationsArmywormfirst flight high mating second flighthardly any are mating
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