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Western University
Biology 3475A/B
Jeremy Mc Neil

Lec 05 10152010 103900 AM Can the nematodes hear the caterpillars eating it was not it was the Bcaryophellene that attracts the nematodes that serve as body guards for the plantpresence of larvae Or the chemical 2 put in a plant that is undamagedtheydid they only go to the b caryophylleneenemy of the plants enemy is attracteddamaged plant no lower than healthy plantis it the larvae or the plant that is producing a chemicalLOOK AT EXP 1 RESULTS Where would you put defenses if you were a plant the highest proportion is in the flowers where the seeds are DUHHwant to survive pass on genes the seeds are the most important MOST DEFENSEShighest concn in reproduction stem structure some in the leavesall parts are important so they all have defensesbut look at relative amountsthis is for an immature plantbefore it has even grown flowershigher defense compound on the outside rather than insideplace material where aggressor will encounter them as quickly as possibleif you wait until it is on the inside and its eating the vital organs it is too lateEcological factors that could influence chemical defenseslook at geneticssusceptibility to blue stainsame species but genetically diverse clonestake into consideration when running an experiment is it a monecious or dinecious plantmale and female tree Or one that has both male and female parts males and females of a given tree sp do not have the same levels of defense and do not respond in the same wayHOW TO RUN AND INTERPRET THE EXPERIMENTSalso think about where the plants are actually grownthe soil type and nutrition differswhat type of light conditions will you have in a habitatBLUE SKYLOTS OF SUNLIGHTimportant when you are a plant bc of photosynthesistropical rainforest barely have sunlight or get light gaps in a canopy where there is a lot of gapstrees have huge trunks with leaves at the top trying to reach sunlight competitivelots of light but little nutrients in the ground by rootslow nutrients in roots and leaves but cannot be accumulatedneg effect on growth accumulate carbs bc of decreasing photosynthesis increase in C and decrease in N FEW NUTRIENTSLOOK AT THE FLOW CHARThave a trade off here Better off or worse off depending on its needs is it Cbased or Nbased photosynthesis goes down and growth goes down Depending on the sp whether they depend on N or C base the amount of defense depends on availability of nutrients and LIGHT photosynthesis growth and accumulation of resources eg willow treehigh light high nutrientsbest but high light with high nutrients has more N than high light and moderate nutrientsseeing diff that occur as it relates to the conditionsQuantity consumed graphsnot photosynthesizing very well not welldefendedable to photosynthesize or not
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