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RMC Notes

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Western University
Biology 3594A
Kathleen Hill

A Random Mutation Capture Assay to Detect Genomic Point Mutations in Mouse TissueSample Exam QuestionsWhat is the RMC assayMeasures nuclear point mutation frequency in mouse tissueallows direct detection of mutations in endogenous genes in any mouse strainMeasuring the frequency of random mutations in vivo use transgenic mouse models as the standard method RMC is advantageous because in can be done in any mouse model without genetic cross or the purchase of mice and associated reagentsfaster and less expensiveHow is it performed Use a labelled flow chart and written description In the paper there are two pages about the assayone in a written description and one in a picture description Make sure you can reproduce these What is the difference between MF and mF MFphenotype and is mutant frequencywhat you see in a point in time Blue stains you see or plaques you gather It measure mutation burdenphenotypically mFmutation frequency Going to get rid of repeats that are clones of the original mutation Will be a smaller number because of this Just looking a the number of muta
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