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Western University
Biology 4218A
Richard Gardiner

Physiology and spore dispersal Growthincrease in mass by cell division cell enlargement or bothOccurs by extension of hyphal tipOlder portions are incapable of growth support growth of the tip by forming new protoplasm and transporting it to the tip by cytoplasmic streamingOffsite synthesis of components makes rapid growth of the hyphal tip possibleHyphal tip Spitzenkorper Functioning of fungal mycelium depends on the ability to transport nutrients rapidly through the hyphaemakes a fungus a fungus GrowthIncrease in volumeChanges in components metabolism shape Measured as increase in fresh weight or dry weightGrowth proceeds in stages germination assimilative growth sporulation DormancyBefore germination Built in timerMay requirecold period heat chemicals passage through animal gut GerminationUsually need inorganic salts carbon sourceYoung hyphae must find food to surviveResting spore walls different from hyphae must be chemically changed for germination Growth and differentiationElongation of hyphaeIncrease in volume and dry weightIf hyphae grow in straight line they can not explore and exploit environmentSoon after germ tube forms in branches NutritionFungi ar
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