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Lecture 13

Biology 1002B Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Lac Operon, Allolactose, Reading Frame

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BIOL 1002B
Tom Haffie

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Lecture 13: Prokaryotic Gene Regulation
Monday, March 04, 2013
3:50 PM
Today's Topics:
Diverse types of signals in DNA
The role of complementary base pairing
Differences b/w euks and proks
The role of RNA
Lecture Topic:
Modern endosymbionts have a "prok" genetic system
In contrast to the nuc which is euk in nature
A typical prok gene ahs many types of signals coded in DNA
Left to right:
SD Box
Start codon
Stop codon
Termination sequence
What if there is a mutation in the promoter
The efficiency of the promoter could be positive or negative
The promoter could become more/less attractive to RNA pol
What if there is a mutation in the SD Box?
Unless the mutation creates a start codon, it might make the SD Box more or less attractive
to rRNA
What if there is a mutation in the start codon?
Pretty much all you can do to a start codon is break it,
Kills the gene
No transcription
What if there is a mutation in the coding region
There are redundancies
Trp: UGG
Because of redundancies, when a mutation happens, the effects of mutation depends on
where and how the mutation affects the codon
Silent mutation: sub one codon for another but code for the same aa
Missense codons: sub one codon for another and another aa
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