Biology 1002B Lecture Notes - Elysia Chlorotica, Chromosome, Photosynthesis

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18 Apr 2012

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Photosynthetic Animal: Elysia
o Stolen plastid (chloroplast)
Plastid here means chloroplast, word refers to the process of
Elysia stealing and using chloroplast from Vaucheria. Chloroplast
remains functional in Elysia. This is a photosynthetic animal, as
chloroplast are not destroyed but incorporated into Elysia’s gut
cells. Kleptoplasty is this process.
o Ex. Elysia Chordata (sea slug)
Phylum: Mollusca (invertebrate but has bodily systems)
Retains chloroplasts (functional) in its gut cells from digested
specific algae (Vaucheria Litorea) the functional chloroplast
makes it green in colour (no chloroplasts when born/young
brown in colour)
o Cannot fix carbon
o Get energy by breaking down already reduced organic forms of carbon
(sugars, carbohydrates, proteins)
o Taking reduced organic molecules, breaking them down and using the
energy that is reduced. Converting reduced organic molecule, like
glucose, breaking them down into simpler molecules, and using the
energy that is reduced
o Ex. Animals
o Get energy by fixing inorganic forms of carbon (carbon dioxide)
o Takes inorganic molecules, and use light (photoautotroph) or chemicals
(chemoautotroph) to convert it to more complex reduced form.
o Ex. Plants
o Ex. Photoautotroph, chemoautotroph
Elysia: Heterotrophic or Autotrophic?
o Elysia is an animal, but once it incorporates chloroplasts, it behaves like
plant as it doesn’t consume organic molecule from environment but uses
sugars produced by functional chloroplasts to get energy…Hard to
Electron Micrographs Of Chloroplasts
Elysia destroys everything in Vaucheria except
chloroplasts, which it incorporates into its own cells.
Within the algal strand, there are 4 membranes
around chloroplast. Elysia only retains 2, destroys
the other 2. Chloroplast about 10 microns big.
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