Biology 1202B Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Start Codon, Messenger Rna, Transfer Rna

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2 Apr 2013
Lecture 14: Translation mRNA Protein
- The assembly of amino acids into polypeptides
- In prokaryotes this process take place throughout the cell
- In eukaryotes this takes place mostly in the cytoplasm
1. ) mRNA Messenger RNA
- 100s of nucleotides long
- Template for translation
- Read in a 5’ to 3’ orientation
2. ) tRNA Transfer RNA
- Bring amino acids to the ribosomes for addition to the polypeptide chain
- 75 90 nucleotides long
- Internal anticodon (3-nucleotide segment) is complimentary to mRNA
- tRNA and mRNA bind antiparallel to one another
ex. tRNA linked to Seranine pairs with codon AGU
in mRNA. The anticodon of the tRNA that pairs
with this is UCA
- Attached to 3’ prime end is an amino acid specific
to the anticodon distinctive structures
Cloverleaf - 2 dimensional Structure of tRNA
- Anticodon is at the bottom of the structure
- You could predict what the anticodon is because of
the genetic code. More than one codon that codes
for a protein.
- Amino acid attaches to the transfer end of the
tRNA it has to be charged amino acylation (the
addition of an amino acid)
- 3 nucleotides complementary to mRNA
- Wobble Hypothesis: the third nucleotide can change but still codes for the same
amino acid (most of the time)
L Shape 3 dimensional structures
- How it actually is formed in the body
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