Biology 1202B Lecture Notes - Chlorophyll, Photosynthesis

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Published on 9 Jul 2014
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The Spectrum
- Light = electromagnetic energy
- travels in waves
- distance between crests of electromagnetic waves called wavelengths
- Photons = particles of light
- have fixed quantity of energy
- amount of energy inversely related to their wavelength
- shorter wavelength = greater energy
- Photo of violet light packs twice the energy of photon of red
- Helmont concluded weight came from water
- Priestley noted that plants replenish oxygen
- Ingen-Housz said ^ only happens if plant is illuminated
- Eukaryotes
- Plants + algae
- Chlorophylls = green (a, b, c, d)
- Carotenoids - carotene = red; xanthophylls = orange/yellow
- A = all photosynthetic organisms except bacteria
- B = all higher plants (few exceptions), green algae
- C = Brown algae
- D = Red algae
Absorption Spectrum
- Measures the % absorption of a particular pigment (or compound) vs a particular wavelength of light
- Spectrophotometer can be used in the lab
Action Spectrum
- Plots come measure of photosynthetic rate against wavelength of light
- Not identical to absorption spectrum of chlorophyll since other pigments are present
Tissue Localization
- Any green tissue
- Leaves, stems, roots (occasionally)
- Compartments (leaves = placement and location of leaves for maximum efficiency)