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Lecture 6

Biology 2601A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Trehalose, Sorbitol, Glycerol

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BIOL 2601A/B
Jennifer Taylor

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Lecture 6: Insect Cold Tolerance
Ectotherms: their temperature changes with the environment
Why do we care about insects?
Most successful group of terrestrial animals
Pollinators  if bees disappear, we lost a lot of food
Biological control  pests eat our crops, and we can use other insects to control
Products (silk, honey)
Preparation for the Cold
Some insects migrate (monarchs)
- Insects are ecotherms but spacalated endotherms are certain types of bees,
which can raise their body temperature by thoracic muscles and shivering
their muscles
Eat lots before winter and store your fat
Stop growing
Stop reproducing
Find the right overwintering site
- Overwintering mosquito is fatter than the summer mosquito
Why is being Cold so Bad?
Chilling injury  loss of membrane fluidity and loss of ion homeostasis
Freezing injury
Eventual death
Being cold can mechanically damage cells and kill them
- Cells will take up water, and when water gets cold it will become a solid and
- This damages the bilipid layer and causes the cells to burst
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