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Biology 2601A/B Lecture Notes - Alternative Oxidase, Futile Cycle, Ectotherm

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BIOL 2601A/B

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Organismsal Phys
Lect Sept 18
Thermoregulation in ectotherms
** earlier lect! Thermoregulation
Water bird foraging in water 7 degrees but it can maintain its body temp
What happens if you’re an ectotherm?
Does not generate internal heat
Table slide
Going with the flow
Are they at the mercy of their environment?
If you’re in a desert its extremely hot and you’re very exposed, and it gets very cold
at night, exposed to big night sky which is a huge heat sink (losing heat to the sky
Can ectotherms do anything to moderate their own temperature?
Rabbit arrow slide
All the different components of the nrg balance of an organism
Radiation (direct from sun, being reflected off particles in athmosphere, infared
radiation, organism is also giving off infared radiation)
Convection (wind chill, water flowing, winter wind suck heat off you faster, if
you’re in the desert warm wind makes you warmer)
Conduction; exhcnage of heat with a solid
Latent heat- evaporation ar condensation of water
Plants can affect leaf temp
Left: hrown In extremely hot arid environment, leaves are covered with white hairs,
what it does is the equicalent of us wearing a white tshirt, reflect more radiation-
changes leaf colour depending
Change surface area, curling and exposing less sirface area an dpointing straight up
to the sun, leaves absorb less sun, also reduces the amount of water they use,
conserves their water
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