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24 Jan 2015
Guest Lecture
Honest Advertisement
Redwing blackbirds
oExtend wings and expose the bright colouration
oAdvertise territory
oPhysical benefit
Indirect benefits
oGenes passed to offspring
Indirect Benefits
Wide variety of perching birds had lower number of parasites
Birds may advertise their immune system by colouration
Males that had more red had fewer parasites
Bauer birds
oBuilds elaborate bauers of twigs
oThe more elaborate the bauer, the fewer parasites
oThe more ultra violet their plumage, the healthier they are
Mate choice hypotheses
Males presents themselves to the females
Good genes
oMost valid to explain plumage in birds
oCertain alleles that advantageous that the female mating with that male, the
offspring will inherit these
oAdditive effect, builds on top
Genetic compatibility
oHow the genes interact
oThe more shared MHC alleles there are, the more immune they are to pathogens
Fisherian Runaway Selection
oIf female likes a certain trait and this continues to happen
oThe trait may become disadvantageous to survival
oIt is not always good to have this
oTrait selection and preference for the trait start to coevolve
Avian-visual spectrum
Birds some UV peaks where they are seen like this by each other even though the appear
dull to humans
Plumage Types
Carotenoids in the cardinal, need to eat these to produce their colour
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