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Lecture 4

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Biology 2001A/B
Tom Haffie

Lecture 4: Biodiversity How many species are there? • 18.7 million. • 1.2 million species of eukaryote identified. • Many more species that have not been described than those that have. Most recent common ancestor (MRCA) for a given group(s), given a phylogenetic tree: • Only one LUCA. • Many MRCAs. • MRCAis only 3000 years old. Why the idea that “humans are descended from chimps” is inaccurate: • Chimps and Bonobos are our closest living relatives. • We are not descended from chimps (not our ancestors...more like cousins). Order of main branching events in tree of life (dates not testable): 1. Chimps 2. Gorillas 3. Orangutans (Asian GreatApe) 4. Gibbons 5. Old World & New World Monkeys 6. Tarsiers 7. Lemurs & Lorises ***End- Cretaceous mass extinction, 65 million years ago***: about 50% of the species on earth went extinct. 8. Rodents & Rabbits 2000 rodent species 9. Laurasiatheres (hippos, hoofed mammals) 10.Marsupials *(kangaroo, koala etc.) 11.Monotremes (platypus, echidna, po
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