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Lecture 14

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Western University
Biology 2244A/B
Angela White

Lecture 14, 15, 16, 17 Inference about Two Proportions - Requirements o Both are SRS o Independent – samples from one population not related to samples from the other  In other words, samples don’t have anything to do with each other o For both sample, number of successes and number of failures is at least five - Notation o P1 – population proportion o N1 – size of sample from pop. 1 o X1 – number of successes from pop. 1 o P-hat1 – sample proportion for pop. 1 o Q-hat1 - Finding x1 and x2 o X1 = n1*p-hat1 - Hypothesis testing o ONLY TEST that p1=p2 - Pooled estimate of p1 and p2 o P-bar = (x1+x2)/(n1+n2) - For TEST STATISTIC FOR TWO PROPORTIONS o TESTING PROPORTIONS ALWAYS USE Z-SCORES - Confidence intervals for proportions o Estimate of DIFFERENCE BETWEEN POPPULATION PROPORTIONS Inference about TWO MEANS – INDEPENDENT VS DEPENDENT*** - Independent – if values from one population don’t aff
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