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Lecture 5

BioStats Lecture 5 in class notes

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Biology 2244A/B
Jennifer Waugh

LECTURE 5 Window – adjacent (0.33) – Not adjacent (0.667) Aisle – adjacent (0.667) – Not adjacent (0.33 Slide 9 P(y/x) what is probability that y occurs on condition that x is occurring - P(window + adjacent) = P(wind) + P(adj/win) = ½ x 1/3 = 1/6 Flip a coin 3 time. What is probability of getting at least one head. P(HHH) = ½ x ½ x ½ = 1/8 Complementary Event -all of probability add up to 1. So we calculature probability by 1 – probability of what we don’t want. - we define compliment and then do 1 – probability of what we don’t want Rare Event Rule -under some assumption we think something is true about a population. So then we go get samples. -what is probability NEW TOPIC: LECTURE 5 NOTES Random Variable: something that can take on different value but we don’t know
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