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Lecture 4

Biostats 2244a Lecture 4 Waugh Notes

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Western University
Biology 2244A/B
Jennifer Waugh

Probability Probability: the chance that some event will occur. Plane example: there are 52 passenger seat. There are 4 rows and 13 columns. What the probability of sitting in: 7B: 1/52 Window seat ¼ A seat ¼ Even number: 6/13 Procedure: the experiment or action we are taking. Ie// selecting a single seat. Event: outcomes from that procedure that are of importance to us. Collection of possible outcomes include the 4 different events we looked at. Simple Event: outcome that cant be broken down further. For example chances of getting 7b, there is only one possible seat. Only possible way to get 7b. Sample space: all possible simple events Approaches to define probability 1. Classical: each simple even has an equal chance of occurring. P(x) = number of wway X can occur/number of different sample event X could be the general label for event (getting seat 7a) 2. Relative Frequency
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