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Vascular Transport 2: Closed Circulatory Systems study guide that includes all the notes and relevant pictures from lecture as well as additional notes from the assigned readings

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Biology 2601A/B
Brent Sinclair

Organismal Phys Lecture 12Vascular Transport 2Closed Circulatory Systems The Systemic CircuitBlood is delivering O and nutrients and is picking up the waste products to deliver them to the kidneys or lungs if it is COInvolves the organs and musclesWhen linear flow rate is reduced is due to the crosssectional area increasing in radiusflow rate Major ArteriesMuscular elastic thick walls smooth muscle and elastinPressure of 1020 kPaVery elastic which it needs to be so can stretch when receives blood from the heart therefore allows storage of some elastic energy in artery wall and dampens the pressure differencesEx Aorta carotid artery femoral artery1610kPa Terminal Arteries128 kPaRelatively high pressure as enter heart but drops as radius s Arteries become smaller as they branch out towards the periphery of the circulatory system walls of the arteries also become thinner tension s too Microcirculatory BedsThe systemic arteries ultimately deliver blood to networks of microscopically tiny blood vessels in all the systemic organstissuesConsists of 3 types of vessels o 1 Arterioles o 2 Capillaries o 3 VenulesRight ventricle then increasespressure to 19kPa for passage through lungs
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