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Circulation: Moving Water in Plants study guide that includes all the notes and relevant pictures from lecture as well as additional notes from the assigned readings

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Biology 2601A/B
Brent Sinclair

Organismal Phys Lecture 13 Circulation 2 Moving Fluids in Plants Xylem and Phloem types of vesselsPlants need a circulatory system in order to survive however they dont have a pumpHave therefore evolved mechanisms and structures for transportXylem GeneralTranslocate water and other inorganic nutrients from the roots to the leaves Phloem GeneralTranslocate sugars proteins and signalling molecules from source tissues ex leaves to sink tissues ex roots XylemMade up of tracheids and vessel elements o These are dead cells o Interconnect with one another 3 waysLaterally both of them do thisEdge to edge tracheidsEnd to end vessel elementsNeed to be supported by fibres and other lignified cells in trees because are not very strongHave pits to allow transport of things between tracheids Vessel ElementsNetwork of tubes horizontally and vertically most of the movement is verticalPrimary vessel type in angiosperms and othersEndend stacking plus perforation platescontinuous tubesPits connect vessel elements laterallySome lateral movement but slow compared to vertical
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