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Lecture 15

Organismal lecture 15: Principles and Animals Breathing in Water

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Western University
Biology 2601A/B
Brent Sinclair

–f°¾¯f 9¾ nc f¾nf°–cť9°n½ ¾Ǝ°¯f ¾f°–°Jf O‘ ×°–°f ţ¾¯½f°°f¯f ¾¯f°½¾°¾¾f½°°°Ɨf° Ɨnf°–"°#°¯° f¾nf°–°$¾½f° O‘ ×°# #¾–°–Ɨ€°f ¯¯f°°n ¾ 4‘ @¾¾€°°#fnn f¾¾¯ O‘ ¾°# #¾–°–Ɨ€n ¾f°°°f ¯¯ f¾nf°–°9¾°¾¾ O‘ °–Ɨ€°f ¯¯f°°n ¾ 4‘ D¾f #f€€¾°¾¯ff O‘ °–Ɨ€n ¾f°°°f ¯¯ 4‘ nf°f ¾¾°¾½f° ‘ $¯¯ť"f#f½¾f ¾f–f¾&¯½f°"°n°¾°–"f ¾¾°½ f°¾' ‘ –¾ n¾n¾¾¾Ɨţ½°n½ ¾f ¾f½½ Ɨf°"f#f½ J¾–°( O‘ ,¾€Ɨ¾°fff°°"f 4‘ ¾f"fť½½¯f )Ŧ+ƷƗ°¾ ° 4‘ ť½½¯f -cƷƗf¾f–f¾ O‘ @f¯°€Ɨf¾f ¾¾ #°"f¾½°°½°¯½ 4‘ Jf¯"f¯½fƹ ¾¾Ɨ¾¾ # O‘ D ¾f ¾f€€nƗ¾¾ #°– 9ff 9¾¾ O‘ fn–f¾°f¯&f¾f–f¾°¾ °'¾½¾¾ O‘ 9ff ½¾¾¾f¯°€½¾¾f–f¾€°¾¾ 9ff 9¾¾€f¾O c 9ff 9¾¾ O‘ f¾ 4‘ -)Ŧ0ƷƗ 4‘ r+Ŧ)0Ʒ-Ɨ 4‘ )Ŧ02Ʒ 4‘ )Ŧ)2+ƷƗ O‘ Ŧ9Ɨƹ)Ŧ-)0c)cŦ239fƹ--Ŧ--39f O‘ -f"°f nf°–¾&Ŧ"°°,Ŧ#¾'½½°f n¯½¾°€ f¾¾ ¾f¯Ť°–f€€¾f½¾¾ O‘ –f ¾ƹ "½¾¾ 4‘ $¯¯f½ff ½¾¾" °€ °nf€€€¾°fn¾¾n f¾¾¾¾ #° 6¾ O‘ -¾f¯f¾f#°–f ¾ O‘ 9& 6'¾½½°f 9&f' O‘ @f¯°€–f¾°f¾ °" ½°° 4‘ cŦ@¯½f 4‘ -ŦDf ° 4‘ 2Ŧf¾ O‘ f¾¾ff#fnn¯nf °n°½ff ½¾¾°¾ ° O‘ D°–½ff ½¾¾¾" ¯–f¾¾° 6 7°8¾ f" O‘ Df¾ff¯°€–f¾f" ¾¾ #°f 6¾¯°½ff ½¾¾ €–f¾f°¾ €–f¾° 6 - f¾¾f°6f O‘ -fƗ¾¯ ¾ °n¯½f¾°¾ O‘ ƗƽƗƽƽ-Ɨ €€¾°€f¾¾ť@n36f° €€¾°€€n° O‘ ½°¾°–f¾ţ¯½fţf°¯¯ O‘ ¾½°°½¯f €f°f¾&Ŧn ¯¯f°ţ½¯¾' O‘ €€¾°¾¯n€f¾°ff°¾°"f 2 9°– @– O‘ -fţD&–f¾'f°;,Jff €€Ɨf°ƗŤ–f°¾¯nf°8¯€f°€ ¾°–¾f ¾ƗƗ€€¾° O‘ ţǂ9f°Off f ¯€¾nf°€°n°€f°–f°¾¯ °#n°f°f3½°°n°€€¾° O‘ °#n°¾f¯nf°¾¯€f°¾½¾ °–€¯ 3¯°€ ¾ O‘ -fn°#n°nf°f ¾¾#NJ€€¾° f¾@f°¾½°°¯f ¾¾€°f¯°f°€°#n°f°€€¾° O‘ @f n°#n°#° f¾ °–¾ O‘ D°n°f € "&n°#n°'°nn f¾¾¯ O‘ €€¾°€¯nf½ f¾°¾¾¾ O‘ €€¾°€¯ °–¾° ¾f¯ f°–Jf O‘ °–€Ɨ¾°8½ ¯¾°n¾f–€€¾#f°f¾½°Ť"# –°–Ɨ¾–f°¾¯¾¾& "f¾½°°7Ɨƹ "9Ɨ' O‘ @¾€fnff€ °–¾€"fŴf°––f°¾¯¾¾¯n–f°f€fŴ f°––f°¾¯¾ O‘ @",nf°¾¯¾ 4‘ cŦf¾I° f°Ŷ¯"ffn¾¾¾½f¾€fnƹ¯Ɨf¾Ť ¾¾
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