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Biology 2601A/B
Brent Sinclair

Oct 1111 Physiological plasticity is the ability to change shape Ectotherms such as fish can conform and regulate at the same time They can maintain a constant blood Cl concentration at different H2O Cl concentrations But their blood temperature changes with water temperatureHomeostasis is maintaining balance in the body It is internal constancy and the physiological regulatory systems that automatically make adjustments to maintain it It is the condition of a relatively stable internal physiological environment usually involving extensive feedback mechanisms in the face of external fluctuations Homeostasis works by using a feedback loopregulationbody temperaturesensorregulation The sensor compares the body temperature value to a set point and sends this information to the regulator which can then adjust the body temperature Negative feedback Works to return the value to the set pointtoo hotincrease heat loss vasodilate pantbody cools toward set point too colddecrease heat loss vasoconstrict increase heat productionbody heats toward set pointControl in homeostasis hormonal ex insulin and glucagon regulate mammalian blood sugar molecular ex many cellsignalling pathways that regulate cytoplasm composition nervemediated ex vasoconstriction and vasodilation regulate heat loss in vertebrates biochemical maintaining rates of reactions by altering pathways and enzymes Positive feedback Progressively takes value away from set point It is rare in biology and results in an amplification of the deviation from the set point An example is albedo and climate change You go from having a small reduction in ice cover to a large reduction in ice cover Compensation occurs to maintain performance in the face of varying conditions It requires a shift away f
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