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Western University
Biology 2601A/B
Brent Sinclair

Oct 1311 Vascular transport is important for moving things through organisms In trees water moves from the soil to the leaves There are hormones and signals throughout the organism Nutrients move from the leaves to other tissues In animals O2 comes from the outside to the tissues CO2 moves from the tissues to the outside Food from the gut or stores moves to the tissues Waste products move from the tissues to the kidneysliver There are hormones and signals throughout the organism Vascular transport is the movement of fluids through tubes also gases in some cases It is pushed in animal circulatory systems and sometimes in plants It is pulled in plant vascular systems The physics of pushing fluids through tubes What determines how much blood can circulate and how fast it can go Flow rate through a system Q Q is the flow rate P is the difference in pressure between the entry and exit to the system how much force is being applied to the tissue PP1P2 R is the resistance in the system If there is a kink there is lots of resistance to the pressure and less fluid is coming through Flow rate can be determined by pressure at the start of the system pressure loss in the system resistance in the system Pressure is proportional to both flow rate and resistance Flow rate is regulated by regulating pressure Resistance in a system R where R is the resistance L is the lengthis the viscosity and r is the radius Longer systems have more resistance A more viscous fluid has more resistance thResistance is proportional to the 4 power of the radius of the tube This means that a small change in tube diameter will result in a huge change in resistance vasoconstriction or vasodilation Flow rate QP can be modified by altering cardiac output Cardiac outputstroke volume x heart rateStroke volum
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