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Brent Sinclair

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Sept 2211 Animals and plants come in a range of body sizes Scaling Surface area is proportional toFor example a golf ball has more surface area than a soccer ball per unit volume Golf balls have about equal surface areas and volume but in a soccer ball there is a decrease in the amount of surface area per unit volume A graph of log surface area versus log volume gives a slope of 23 and SA A graph of log surface area per unit volume versus log volume gives a slope of 13 and SAV Surface areavolume ratios decrease as animals get bigger This results in some important biological impacts If an animal has a larger SAvolume ratio it will lose or gain heat faster A larger SAvolume ratio results in greater perspiration A larger SAvolume ratio gives animals more problems friction It makes it harder for smaller animals to move through air or water Most physiological processes and anatomical structures scale with body size metabolic rate gas exchange area blood volume running speed bone diameter and population density this is higher in smaller bodysized organisms Metabolic rate is not directly proportional to body mass For example rhinos consume or require more food per week than voles but the pile of food a vole eats is larger than the vole itself but the pile for the rhino is much smaller than the rhino This shows that the energy needs of the species are not proportional to their respective body sizes The graph of metabolic rate versus body mass is not linear but a graph with their log scales is linear The slope is found to be 075 The same relationship is found in plants not a 11 relationship This kind of relationship is called allometric Although the total metabolic rate of species increases with body weight it does not increase in proporti
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