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Biology 2601A/B
Brent Sinclair

Sept 1311 Temperature is the measure of the speed or intensity of random motions that atoms and molecules undergo The temperature of a substance is proportional to the product of the mean square speed of the random molecular motions and the molecular mass Temperature is the intensity of motion by the atoms in the object Heat is the amount of energy in the object The amount of heat is dependent on mass how much of object there is Temperature determines the direction of heat transfer from warm to cool Most of life is found between 0C100C The developmental threshold for many insects and plants is at 15C Endotherms generate internal heat that is retained in the bodyEctotherms rely on external temperatures to determine Tb Homeotherms defend a constant body temperaturePoikilothermsallow body temperature to vary ex coldblooded animalsHeterotherms have more than one temperature set point or switch between homeo and poikilothermy ex hibernating mammals Regional endotermyheterothermy different Tb in different parts of the body Generate internal heat Noectotherms Yes endothermsKeep body temperature the same Nopoikilotherms Yes homeothermsIn ectotherms as the body temperature increases metabolic rate rate of O2 consumption increases exponentiallyM log scalelogMloganTb graph is now linear is the temperature coefficient which is the ratio of the rate of a process at one body temperature over the rate of the same process at a body temperature 10C lower How much does the rate of a process change over the space of 10C
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