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Western University
Biology 2601A/B

Org Phy Lect Oct 11 Circulation: pressure driven bulk flow of fluid 5L of blood, we pump that 5L every minute huge amount of work for your entire life think of your heard as 2 hesrts in 1: right heart pumping your used blood and your left heart returning it back (?) circulatory system from Wikipedia “most primpitive… lack circulatory systems” = NOT TRUE. Purple sponge pic Hard to think of animals that don’t have some means of flow of water A sponge is essentially a pump Every 5 seconds will pump the volume of its body size through its system Outgoing water shoots out the top and incoming water comes though entire body of the animal through little pores (utilizes for feeding and getting oxygen to entire body) Single flagellum of pilanocyte (sp?) drives the movement of water (polanocyte is the cells of the sponge) Someone injected dye into a sponge and above the sponge you can see a big plume of dye (the sponge release their sperm into the water this way) Glowing jelly fish thing Pimitive area Transparent, no heart or pumping organs If we look closely at this animal, from each portion is a whole series of canals, this is to get thr fluid throughout the animals system (get quite large) move fluid around their system by cilia fig 24.3 we see that vertebrates have hearts, pumps, circulatory systems, etc. insects have a pump system and an open circulatory system sponges have a kind of circulatory system jellyfish have circulatory systems (driven by individual cells, not a pump) molluscs brachial and systemic heart rotifers are one of the tiniest animals (fresh water systems) have a circulatory system table gas exchange occurs by diffusion diffusion is useless if your big (many animals are big) if you increase in size beyond the 1mm rate, diffusion time is 1 hour, slow so we need other systems to move fluids speed of transport, > diffusion too slow mitochondria need oxygen to make ATP diffusion occurs in 2 places, in between is a circulatory system how do I know it’s a circulatory system there has been progress, there has been changed from flagellum to tubes to the development of chambers, to the ultimate development of the 4 chamber heart; notion that theres been a sense of progress, is that true? No. flase notion of progress that we are so much better than all these animals go from 2 chamber heart (1 atrium, 1 ventricle) 3 chambered heart (these chambers mxed oxyg
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