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Organismal Physiology Lecture No. 9.docx

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Biology 2601A/B
Tamsen Taylor

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Organismal Physiology Lecture No 9 Vascular Transport I thTuesday October 9 2012 Vascular Transport Vascular transport is the movement of fluids including gases through tubes The major difference in vascular transport between plants and animals is that animals push while plants push their vital fluid through their vascular system Flow Rate Through A System The flow rate Q is defined as the difference in pressure between the entry and exit to the system It is quantified with the following equation QPRwhere Pppand R is the resistance in the 21system Flow rate can be determined by the pressure at the start of the system the pressure loss in the system or the resistance in the system Also note that pressure is proportional to both Q and R Resistance 4Resistance is calculated by the following equation R8 Lrwhere L is the length of the tubeis the viscosity coefficient and r is the radius diameter of the tube In terms of patterns associated with determining resistance longer systems typically have more resistance higher viscosity means greater thresistance and resistance being proportional to the 4 power of the t
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