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Lecture 6

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Biology 3444F/G
Nusha Keyghobadi

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Lecture 6thOctober 15 2013 Chapter 5Community ecology study of patterns of cooccurrence of different species and the interactions among them Patterns of species richnessCommunity assemblySuccessionStructure of food websPredatorprey interactionsHostparasite interactionsMutualismsEcosystem ecology study of the flow of energy and matter through biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems Nutrient cyclesFood web dynamicsEnergeticsDNA barcodingvary between species Usually use Cytochrome Oxidase I gene which is on the mtDNAFor seed plants use matK and rbcL as standard DNA barcode Why are there so many different tree species in the tropical wet forests Hypothesis specialized herbivores and pathogens limit population growth of tree species that would otherwise become dominant
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