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Business Administration 1220E Lecture Notes - John Balmer, Expectancy Theory, Job Security

Business Administration
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Business Administration 1220E
Greg Smith

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Approach Bob Donovich immediately regarding Dale Winters behaviour. Do not worry about
interrupting him or being passive; if Bob Donovich cares about his companies image (which is evident
through the companies numerous builder of the year awards and helping of charitable organizations),
he will drop what he is doing and launch an internal probe or investigation into these matters.
Approach him as honestly as possible, letting him know that ethically, you as an honest employee
cannot ignore blatant stealing that is occurring in the company. The likely situation is that Bob has lost
track of his companies functioning at the lower levels (getting caught up in the day to day upper level
duties), leading to Dale Winters taking advantage of a lack of attention paid to these seemingly minor
Although breaking this friendship with Dale Winters may be difficult, as evidenced in the case,
his unethical actions have clearly negatively influenced your opinion of him. You have always been
hardworking and honest, and should take comfort in knowing that speaking of Dale’s actions to Bob can
only lead to a greater appreciation from the upper levels of management.
As a side note, YOU accepted the job offer by refusing to stand your ground on the
subject of wages for FP. Although Dale Winters feels like he’s evening the score with
the company by acting unethically, ultimately, he accepted the job offer as well. He has
no legal grounds to make up for the below-standard pay by overbooking his hours and
taking materials from job-sites. As such, his actions are NOT justified.
---Assuming that Bob delves into the Dale Winters situation accordingly, it should be expected
that he will look at you in a more favourable light. You, John Balmer, being the man who saved his

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company a reasonable amount of money. This favourable light should then be used as a stepping stone
to achieve your ultimate goal of a higher wage closer to that of the industry standard.
Several weeks after discussing Dale Winters with Bob, you should schedule a meeting on BOB`s
terms, since this wage issue is personal and not a company priority. Following your prior actions, it
should be expected that Bob will book this meeting fairly quickly, rather than pushing you aside as he
did before. Hopefully, informing Bob of these problems in the lower levels of the company will realign
the organizational structure of the company, and force Bob to pay more attention to ALL his workers.
During the meeting, you should be professional and level headed, and present you’re dilemma
to Bob Donovich as honestly as possible. Describe to him how you feel underpaid based on your
experience, professionalism and the traditional industry standard. Make him sympathize with you by
talking about your family and trying to provide the best for them. Finally, describe how the man who
was just fired for taking advantage of the company was being paid 10% more than you hourly, despite
the fact that he had less experience in the industry and knew fewer advanced skills. State what you feel
you are worth up front, without being unreasonable. The combination of approaching the situation
upfront and professionally, and having Bob Donovich’s support for your earlier ethical actions should
result in a favourable outcome for you.
Talk about giving operations team manager task of performance reviews
Clarifying supervisor/assistant supervisor talk about individual needs
Job security
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