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Published on 16 Oct 2011
Western University
Business Administration
Business Administration 1220E
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Kiai is a new company that has been created by a student, Roger Mills. Mills created this
company in hope of making profit in order to pay for his HBA Program. Mills is advantageous
towards this company as he is a first place qualifier for the “The Impact Apprentice” award
where he competed against 32 of Canada’s top students to test his entrepreneurial and business
skills. This sets a very positive image for Kiai and Roger Mills amongst the judges and various
other people in the business industry. Mills needs to promote his business extremely well in
order to be successful and make any profit from it for his future education. He has a unique and a
very creative idea, however needs to make sure that it is marketed well to set the rightful image
for his company. Being a student, he does not have enough money which is why he needs to
make sure that he uses easy means to promote for his business such as Facebook, word of mouth,
etc. Mills also needs to ensure promoting his business at the right places such as trade shows in
order to portray his professionalism. Kiai’s professionalism will also be affected based on the
price Mills sets for his customers to pay. He does not want to set a value that portrays his
company as cheap however needs to ensure that it is not as expensive as that of his competitors.
Mills also needs to ensure that the companies he works with are appropriate according to the
University Student Council’s expectations. He needs appoint such 10 people at the job who will
make sure to be present at various locations all over the campus, if possible, both in Fanshaw and
Western along with the affiliated colleges with their laptops at all times in order to promote for
these advertisements along with Kiai. Mills should work with small businesses at downtown
London, as they would be most likely to contribute towards Mills Company, Kiai. Lastly, Mills
has to ensure providing a satisfactory, rather good job for its customers in order to get loyal
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customers who will promote for his company by word of mouth and will remain loyal to Kiai for
a long time.
Roger Mills is a young and a prosperous business student at the University of Western Ontario
who has recently completed his second year and decided to start a company that would provide
advanced marketing solutions to London Businesses called Kiai Marketing Group. Mills won the
first-place award for his idea of Kiai marketing business in 2006 where he competed with 32 of
Canada’s top students to test their business and entrepreneurial skills. Kiai sells designer laptop
skins which are a laminate cover that can be attached on the backing of laptop lids and used to
advertise other businesses. Mills has decided to encourage local businesses to take part in his
company in order to promote their logos and special promotions, especially because the student
government restricts many companies from advertising on campuses. Advertising through Kiai
would encourage such businesses as it would offer a new way for businesses to advertise to the
university crowd. Kiai requires the advertiser to pay for all the design work and all material costs
which is about $25 per skin. The money earned from the advertisers will be used to pay the
employees, along with other expenses incurred by the company. Mills also plans on saving
$5,000 from the profits the company makes in order to pay for school the following year. In
order to reach the best possible results, Mills plans on appointing a team of 10 members, who
would guarantee to go to each and every class everyday along with attend homework sessions,
meetings, presentations and conferences with their laptops. This would allow a significant
number of students as well as anyone else who they interact with within the year to get exposure
to these advertisements. These individuals will also be required to know about the companies
they are advertising and will present a short, casual sales pitch when asked about the
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