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Business Administration
Business Administration 1220E
Cristin Keller

Western School Health and Physical Education Physical Component - Fitness Blast (15%) Activity Outline Student Names: Najeem Javeed, Cole Phillipson, Chase Campbell Presentation Date: January 20, 2014 Check the components of fitness that will be addressed in your presentation: Strength □ Endurance □Agility □ Cardiovascular □ Flexibility □ List 3 key fitness words and terms with a definition that you will use and explain to the class during your presentation:1.Endurance-Endurance is required for handball because you are playing offense and defense so running up and down the court without your muscles giving out is important. 2.Agility-Agility is required in order to create space between you and your defender by moving swiftly. 3.Cardiovascular-Cardiovascular is requires because all of the running will need you to be in shape and maintain a steady heartbeat. List equipment needed in your presentation: Cones, Dodge Balls, Bench, Handball Mats, Handball Nets Diagram of the Facility: (On A Separate Page) Activity Outline: (On Separate Pages) Safety Considerations and tips for the class: Keep focused on the task and follow instructions. Warm-up Jog two laps around the gym and after that a couple of minutes stretching with a  leader. Station 1: Agility Line up single file, Run to each cone as quickly as possible and flip it so it is  standing upright. Turn the cones back over gently using your hands on the way back.  Repeat until the timer is up.
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