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Business Administration
Business Administration 3302K
Michael Sider

 Make it simple  Put the main message right up front  A two-part pyramid structure that begins with a summary statement and follows with supporting details  Keep it short  You-centred  Direct approach for good news o Put the good news in a summary statement at the beginning, then fill in the details o End with a good will statement  No clutter phrase  Direct approach for bad news o Give the bad news as the summary statement, then provide the details o Close with a goodwill statement; do not refer again to the bad news  Indirect approach to bad news (preferred) o Begin with a neutral or pleasant opening statement related to the subject (the buffer) o Give the reasons or circumstances leading to the bad news o State the bad news in as positive terms as possible o Give a helpful suggestion or alternative, if one exists o Close with a good will statement  Avoiding negative language  Use positive, courteous, and straight-forward tone  Aim for a moderately informal tone  Formal o Avoid personal pronouns o Avoid contractions o Use longer, complex sentences o Use Latinate, obscure, and
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