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Business Administration
Business Administration 3321K
Tom Haffie

there. She remembers there were not as many carriages. She was forbidden to play there. She had a grey horse. He asks her to try to remember. They say they love each other, she says it’s too late. There’s something she must do. She asks to go into the church alone. He runs after her. Part 8 She climbs up the stairs, he follows. His fear of heights kicks in, but he continues. He sees her body crashing to the bottom through the window. The district attorney blames the husband for his delay in putting his wife into an institution. He took precautions by hiring Scottie, but he was unaware of his weakness of heights which made him powerless. Because he saved her once before, he should have been more sensitive to her suicidal tendencies. They also say he fled the scene because he claimed he suffered a mental blackout. The jury finds that she committed suicide. Gavin apologies for getting Scottie involved. Says he’s leaving before he gets mixed up in the result of this event. Scottie keeps having dreams of Carlotta’s necklace and her grave, and falling. He spends the next year in a sanatorium. Midge makes him listen to Mozart as musical therapy. She says Jonny please try, please try, you’re not lost “mother’s here” Part 9 Midge talks to the doctor and asks him how long it will take to pull him out of this, he says 6 months- a year. He’s suffering from acute ___with a guilt complex. She tells him he was in love with her, and still is. Scottie sees Madeline’s old green car, and questions a woman- she tells him she bought it from Gavin. He goes to the same bar, the museum, sees the flower. He follows a woman in a green dress to a hotel. He knocks on her door, asks her if he can ask her some questions. She lets him come in. Says her name is Judy Barton. She says she used to live in Kansas worked at Barlins. She shows him her Kansas license, and her California license. She asks do I really look like her? She says she’s dead isn’t she? He asks her to dinner, says he’ll be back in an hour. We see the truth, that Gavin used a double for Madeline. Part 10 She writes a note to Scottie. She says you were the victim. I was the tool and you were the victim. He wanted to kill his wife, he chose me to look like her, made me look exactly like her, and staged her suicide. He wanted you to testify that Madeline wanted to kill herself. She says she made the mistake of falling in love. She rips the note up afterwards. She begins to pack a suitcase before her date. He says he wants to see a lot of each ot
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