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Business Administration 3323K

Income SensitivityForm positive relationships with students This will help teachers better recognize those who may be living in less than ideal circumstancesTry to focus on individual success rather than comparing students to their peers Those living in poverty should not always be expected to perform just as well as their peers within the same amount of time Impoverished students may require more time to acquire skills and teachers should be mindful of this regarding standardized testsStudents living in poverty are at risk of not engaging in class and dropping out of high school Important to realize just because students are not contributing doesnt mean its because they dont know or dont care In an effort to keep students in school it may be important to pay special attention to children who aremay be living in povertyRealize that many students may not just be financially lacking but also may lack social skills resiliency and emotional coping skills As such be mindful when setting groups for group projects in order to facilitate the most contribution from these students Educate students about poverty its prevalence and its effectsThis will help impoverished students feel less alienated and may help those better off understand the hardships some of their peers may be facing Impoverished students generally do not respond well to teacher criticisms or use of authority This is because many already have negative self esteem issues and to be criticized even further may prove ineffective and even detrimental to the students development As such
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