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Topic 16AcetylCoA 2Fatty acids ketone bodies and biosynthesisRelease of acetylCoA from fatty acid storageLow glucose conditions Betaoxidation is the break down of fatty acidsFirst you must break down the triacylglycerols Tricylglycerol breakdown in adipocyteLipase breaks down tricylglycerol into fatty acids and glycerol which are released into the bloodstreamLipase is sensitive to the hormones insulin and glucagon oWhen insulin is high we have lots of glucose so we wouldnt want to break down our fatty acids so it inhibits the processoWhen glucagon is high we have little blood glucose so we want to breakdown tricylglycerolGlycerol goes into the liver and feeds into gluconeogenesis to make glycerol which can be put into the blood stream for the brain or other tissues to useThe fatty acids go to other tissues liverand muscle the brain DOES NOT havethe right metabolism for them Products of tricylglycerol breakdown
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