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Chemistry 2223B
James Wisner

Chemistry 2223bWinter 201314Western University Topic 3 Amino Acids Peptides and Proteins This chapter discusses the chemistry of amino acids peptides and proteins Specifically we will examine the properties and reactions of amino acids some common structures of proteins the laboratory synthesis of peptides how enzymes accelerate reactions and how proteins are synthesized biochemicallyBackground material that is important includes o Properties of weak acids buffers and titration curves o Amines alcohols thiols and carboxylic acids and their derivativesTrends in the reactivity of acid derivativesNucleophilic addition and nucleophilic acyl substitution reactions o StereochemistryAmino Acids Peptides and Proteins2 A Structure and Properties of Amino AcidsWhen proteins which are chemically synonymous with polypeptides polyamides and peptides are hydrolyzed in acid or in base they are broken down into the constituent aminoacid monomers from which they are synthesized CterminalRROOH6 M HClNOHN3HNNOH3HRHOORNterminalnMost naturally occurring amino acids are amino acids because the amino group is attached to the carbonto the carboxyl groupAll natural amino acids are primary amines except for proline which is a cyclic secondary amine And all have RC except for glycine where RH Amino Acids Peptides and Proteins3The mechanism of the acidcatalyzed hydrolysis of acid derivatives such as amides esters and anhydrides is nucleophilic acyl substitution the characteristic reaction of acid derivatives In acid hydrolysis water is the nucleophile
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