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Chemistry 2223B
James Wisner

Lipids1Practice Problems on Lipids 1 Which one of the following compounds has the structural pattern of the naturally occurring fats or oils a C O O C H O C O O O b O C H C2O O C H C2O O C H c2COO H O C H O CO O H C O CO O H C O C H2O d O C H2O C H O O C O C H2C H O e2C H O C H O22 Which one of the following pertaining to ester hydrolysis is most correctA In acidcatalyzed hydrolysis the carbonyl is protonated to make it a better electrophile B In acidcatalyzed hydrolysis water is protonated to make it a better nucleophile C In saponification the protonated carbonyl is resonancestabilized D In acidcatalyzed hydrolysis the leaving group departs as an alkoxide E In saponification the nucleophile attacking the ester is water Lipids2 3 Which of the following compounds is most likely to be a solidOACOOCOOCOOCOBOCOOCOOCOOCCOOCOOCOOCDOOCOOCOOCOEOCO Lipids34 The ester below was combined with isotopically labelled water as indicated by the dot below in the presence of catalytic HCl Which one of AE is least likely to be found in the reaction mixture at equilibriumHClOHOProducts2OCH3OOBCA CHOH3 OCHOH 3 OEDCHOH3 OH5 Which of the following mechanistic steps are not part of the mechanism for the COOCH in CHONamethanol Claisen condensation of methyl acetate CH333 OOCHCOCHCHOH COCHCH23323 IHOCH3OOOOCHCCHCOCHCCHOCH323CHCOCH2333IICHO 3OOOCHCCHO OCHCHCCOCHCH333323IIICHCOCH23OOOOOCHCHC33CHCOCHCHCOCH23IV33CHCOCH 23O
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