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James Wisner

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Amino Acids1 Practice Problems on Amino Acids and Peptides 1 Which one of the following amino acids is least likely to be naturally occurring CO2CHOCN HCHSCH23223SHCH2COHN23NHH3HNH3NHHHSHCH32CHSH2CHCHSCHHCO2232CO2ABCDE 2 Amino acids are amphoteric Which statement best describes the definition of the term amphotericA Amino acids exist as a zwitterion in the solid state B Amino acids possess both acidic and basic functional groups C An aqueous solution of an amino acid will conduct electricity D Amino acids are soluble in water E Amino acids are colourless 3 Which form of arginine is most likely to exist at pH1OOOOOOHCOCOHCOCOCHNC H3HNC HHNC H33HNC H2HNC H2CH2CHCH22CH2CH2CH2CHHC22CH2HC2CH2CHCH22CH2CH2HN2HNHNHNHNNHC3NHCNHC22NHC2NHCHN2HNHN22HN2HN2 A BCDE 4 Disodium glutamate was titrated with HCl Draw the predominant forms of the amino acid produced after the addition of 00 05 10 15 20 25 and 30 equivalents of HCl
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