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September 7th 2012-Organic Chemistry 2213a.docx

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Western University
Chemistry 1027A/B
Mel Usselman

Organic Chemistry 2213a September 7 2012 Lecture 1 Welcome to seek the prof out when you have problems and need helpTo get better at the information in this course is to practiceOn the OWL website there is comments from past students who have some tips for doing well in this courseDont get behind in the course o If you build on a good foundation you can add to itMake sure if you skip a class that you get the class notes o What is said and taught in class can be testedYou can go to either lecture if you desireYou can use the other profs notes if you like those better o Dr Usselman is more of a text guy o Dr Lee is more of a picture guyYou need to buy the textbooklab manual and molecular model kitIn the labs you work individuallyAttending labs are easy marks o Average lab mark for students in 1315 aka easy marks o There are NO makeup labsMake sure you have proper lab attire otherwise you will not be able to do your lab and will get a zer
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