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Lecture 11

Classical Studies 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Prenuptial Agreement, Hellenistic Religion, Hellenization

Classical Studies
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CS 1000
David Lamari

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Classical Studies December 6th, 2016
The New World of the Hellenistic Period
The Regency (323-301)
o Struggle for Succession
- Alexander had no will so after he died, there was no plan
- Only two males left in his family (purged his family remember?)
- Aleader’s half-brother and his unborn child
Half-brother was spared probably because he was mentally
challenged and posed no threat
His ife, Roae’s uor hild (she as a foreiger from the
Soldiers wanted choice command and threatened mutiny
Compromised was reached joint rule between unborn child and
half-brother (pure Macedonian)
o The Regency (someone who, while king to be is not of age, rules in his behalf) of
- Close associate of Alexander and had his power ring
- Settling veterans & exiles
Demanding to go back home to Greece (they were required to
marry and settle down in regions to seal bonds)
Mercenaries who fought for Persians
- The Revolt in Greece
He crushed and formally said Greece was controlled by Macedonia
Ended their independence
- Appointing Satraps (Governors)
Administer Persian empire that alexander conquered (Babylon, Asia
Minor, etc.)
o Antigonus the One-Eyed
- Aleader’s orpse gets kidaped  Ptolemy and brought to Egypt, it
is then used as token to say he was his successor
- Chosen to be satrap of one part of Persian empire
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- Satrap next over needed troops by Antigonus said nope
- Convinces other satraps to disband the Regency
Join him and take over empire
- End of the Macedonian Argead dynasty
Kill Aleader’s half-brother
Did’t har the so ad Roae, ut put the uder house arrest
- Other satraps declare war on Antigonus
- Various satraps delare theseles kigs
- Perdiccas was assassinated
- Worst transition to power
Birth Pangs of the New Order (301-276)
o 4 kings arise
o Conspire against each other quickly
o Divide empire up loosely
o Unstable
o Just appeared regal and kingly in hopes of people respecting them
o Build monumental structures
o Portrayed theseles as the alpha ale (who is the best, richest,
most powerful?)
o See first recorded art/literary forgeries
- Trying to collect all the works
The Polis in the Hellenistic World
o Greek Leagues of poleis
- Band together with other poleis to form a league
- To negotiate with kings/have their voices heard
- Fight/vote/act together for survival
- Poleis by itself cannot sustain itself alone
o A new class of aristocracy
- Someone in poleis knows king, wife of king, has connections that can
help the poleis
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Hellenistic Philosophy
o How can one survive in such an unfair world?
o Cannot rely on anything you used to
o Everything based on Socrates
o Stoics
- Most prevalent philosophy
- Natural law; a rational universe (look to nature)
- Everything happens for a reason
- You can find your place in the universe + find happiness
- Universe is unfolding in a certain way
- This way is very popular amongst kings
o Epicureans
- Life of luxury and best of the best although a simple lifestyle
- Nature is the answer, but use your natural sense to find out what is
pleasurable (that’s happiess)
- Pleasure in the fullest sense
Indulging or in moderation?
- Ataraxia
Greek ter eaig ot beig disturbed
o Cynics/Skeptics
- Like hippies (rejected typical lifestyle)
- Conspicuous in their rejection of society
- Nature vs Culture
Nature everything that is not culture
Culture artificial thing you need to move away from and more
towards nature
- Diogenes
Most famous
Lived in bathtub (no house), rags, and a cup
Happiest day of my life was when I saw a little kid drink out of the
well and I can throw away the cup
Aristotle told him he was his favorite person
Had everything he needed (simple life)
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