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Classics Lecture #7

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000

Oct 29, 2012 • Some people were pleased that Per- sians brought so much peace and sta- The Persian Wars bilities 490&480 - 478BC • • The Greeks were not as pleased • Big distinction between Greece be- • They thought it was disgraceful, and fore and after this. Greeks thought the idea of a polis • It was largely ignored while they should be self ruling. were not ignoring other things. • They didn't like the foreign power They took into everything and made • and altogether the Greeks revolted. good use of it, the things the learned • There was a Greek tyrant that the from other culture. Persians backed up, he borrowed mon- ey from Persians but couldn't pay Assyrians back. • Empire that existed in the late 10th He thought: "Oh if i get all the • century Greeks to revolt then I don't have to • Not really right to call it a empire, pay my debts anymore." empires are people that tries to absorb • They made up like 4000 men army, neighbors. which is pretty big for back then. • Most powers in the region were like The ionians and the athenians and a • bandit kings. few more polis and they attacked a Ly- • Never expanded their kingdom, but dian city where the Persian Govern- they did dominate them. ment was. • "Die or gouge out your right eye." • They burned it down. Most neighbors voluntarily listened 5 years later the Ionians gave up. • • to them. • Apparently the Athenians tried to • They just wanted gifts every year, train the Ionians to become good the rest of the people finally ganged sailors. up on Assyrians when Egyptians • Then the Ionians were like: "Dude u ganged up on them. treat us worse than the Persians." so • Lydia was a kingdom that emerged then they stopped the revolt. and controlled some of the Greek Polis • The rebellion ended. • (The Persians were a really well orga- Rise of The Persians nized empire, so when the Greeks ru- • The King's name was Cyrus ined the structure 150 years later, • And the Persian religion was called they created chaos.) zoroastrianism • Once the revolt was over, the Persian • Persians emerged as the next great King apparently 'remembered Atheni- power. ans' • The later king, Darius was who gave • He sent messengers to Athens and the Persians its peculiar features, Sparta and demanded submission of which was unusual before this. water and earth. • Created this whole idea of provinces • This is a symbolic gesture of surren- and cut up their land up and stationed der. troops in all the lands and implement- ed their laws. • They kicked the messenger into the • Themistocles persuaded all the Athe- well and said: you can get water and nians to create the largest fleet in the earth there. Greek world. • It was humiliating so the Persians in- • 200 Warship. vaded. • It took 186men to build the ship, and then Themistocles encouraged them 1st Persian Invasion to train to become experts in boats. • They landed at the eastern coast of • And they did it! the polis of Athens • Luckily, the Persians did come again • The Athenians asked for help from in 10 year later. Spartans but they couldn't make it be- • The Persian army was made up of ev- cause they had a religious event. ery nationality and the army was so • It was 9k of Athenians, pretty much large that they couldn't count it. like every single male Athenians vs. • Instead they built a circular building 25k of Persians. that fits a certain number of people, • And they won. and they used it to calculate the size • The tactic they used was not to be of their armies. Guess: 500 000men surround, if the Persians attacked then and 1k of ships. they'll move back but no matter what Some Greek Polis surrendered, but • happens they made sure they weren't Sparta and Athenians did not give up surrounded. They stood side by side and 31 other polis joined them. with their shields and so very little of them died. Thermopylae • The Persian flee sailed to the Athens • Spartans had supreme military com- City while the Athenian soldiers had to mands. get back on foot. It was a race. • Spartans wanted everyone to gather • The Athenians got back in time and together at a specific harbor. so the Persians were fail. • It was water, beach, and then a real- • It was a really prideful event in their ly narrow and steep uprising cliff thing history. called Thermopylae. • There was a storm and then a lot of Themistocles Persians died. The Greeks didn't know • To Persians 25K were actually really if the Persians were still coming so small for Persians. they moved to plan B where they The King Darius died and his son was moved to a different island to wait for • occupied with other problems back at the Persians while 300 people stayed home. at Thermopylae to hold back the Per- • Greece got a rest. sians. • In the meantime, a silver mine was • It was a dramatic build up where 300 discovered by Athens. Spartans were very courageous and • Largest silver mine in Athens. fought for days. • It becomes public properly and didn't • The Persians continued on and know what they should do with the burned down Athens and all the peo- sudden gain of wealth. ple just stayed in there and waited to be burned down and the Athenian sol- diers had to watch their home burn to ATHENIAN DEMOCRACY the ground. • This is the democra
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