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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000

November 19, 2012 -The Spartans were then trapped on the island. ThePeloponnesianWar -They captured the Spartan soldiers alive and brought them back; -Athens just had to defend its own possessions. Spartans surrendering was unheard -Athens was also much richer, from of. taxing all these communities. -Spartans finally called for peace. -It wasn’t clear how loyal Athen’s -They changed the tactic and allies were to them. started intimidating and persuading Athenian allies, who wanted to leave -Sparta’s allies were clearly united. Athens anyways. WarStrategy -Athens panicked, scared to loose all -Gathered everyone from the Spartan their allies, agreed to the Spartans peace conditions. farms. -So 10 years of war = nothing -In a week they walked into Athens, happened. and surprisingly the Athenians didn’t come out. -Many Spartan allies were so upset -All the Athenians withdrawn into and refused to sign the peace treaty. the cities. -It lasted from 16 years. -Some of the Athenians were angry Truce but the orders were told to stay in the city, where high walls were built. -Alcibiades was a Athenians. -Spartans stayed and chilled a bit -The nephew of a Athenian leader, and went back to their crops. so he came from a very prestigious -Second year the same family. -Charismatic and hansom and loud. happened. -Persuaded Athens to seduce some -They stayed with the plans even though there was a plague across of the Spartan alliance. Greece, especially serious in Athen -He pushed Athenians to force the because it was packed with ppl. island of Milos to join the Athenians. -While there was a war, some of the -Milos was neutral about this and was in the middle of nowhere. This Athenian allies revolted, and it was was a black mark on the Athenian put off. -Athenians voted on what should reputation. happen to the traitors and decided -Insisted on sending a huge naval to put everyone to death. flee to the island of Syracuse. -Then they changed their mind, and -It was a complete disaster; they thought it would be easy to conquer spared everyone except leaders. and the Athenian flee of 40k was ArchidamianWar wiped out. -Pylos was a huge part of Athenian -Alcibiades actually never went to allies. Syracuse. -All of the penis statues in the polis -It was where Athenians planned were chopped off one night, and their counter attack. apparently it was Alcibiades and his friends. -They got drunk during a -He finally came back but it turns Symposium and castrated all the out he lied, so no one wanted him so penis statues in Athens. he retreated back to his own castle. -Instead of going to Syracuse or to trial, he ran away to Sparta to be a military advisor for Spartans. PeloponnesianWar -Athens was no longer a player in the Greek world. SicilianExpedition -Spartans now picked the leaders for -This was the war of Athenians the Athenians. getting wiped out in Syracuse. -There were a lot of poverty; the -Fight in every single ways, even fighting meant all the crops were nasty tricks. neglected and a lot of people died. -Any method that allows you to win -Because of so much bribery and the war was acceptable. intimidation and disagreement that there were so much civil war within TheIonianWar the cities. -Alcibiades told Spartans to build -It destroyed the classical greeks forts around Athens to continue to where they used to think they were harass them. classy and confident in art and they -Use lies, propagandas, offer thought they were better than freedom to slaves to be spies. barbarians. -There was a degradation in their -Nobility, honour, etc. were all gone; value in honour. it was a dramatic shift. -People were all torn apart and stuff. -Alcibiades advised Spartans to go to Persians. -Persians gave Spartans gold and in return Spartan agreed to give up SOCRATES,PLATO,ANDARISTOTLE Ionia. -They forgot that to free Ionia was Socrates the sole reason for the persian war. -Athenians were trying to build a -His mother was a midwife and his father was a stone cutter. new flee after it got destroyed in the -He saw himself more as a midwife; Sicilian expedition. because he’ll never give birth to -Alcibiades slept with one of the anything, and he assist his students Spartan queens so he ran away to in his teachings. Persia. -He advised Persians to give Spartan -Eccentric, short, chubby, delightful man. just enough gold for the 2 forces to -Devoted himself to philosophy. keep fighting. -He shut down every single type of -Alcibiades said: if you let me come philosophy. back
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