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Classics Lecture #10

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000

November 26, 2012 •So Athens declared an amnesty, which is interesting because CRISIS OF THE POLIS, THE RISE ancient civilization were all about OF MACEDON remembering and revenge of glory etc. The Greeks • 399 - 360BC March of the 1000 • Sparta was eventually powerless, •A Persian civil war. within 40 years. The Brother died and then there • • They were unwilling or unable to were no leader. address the problems in the Greek •Greeks took from this that the world. Persia empire was much more • For example, what should these vulnerable than they thought, warriors do when they’e not •Greeks now wanted to conquer fighting? Persia after finding out how east t • Another reason was many of their is city are closely involved by Athens politically, so these Polis power Greek Warfare structure collapse once these •The Mercenary athenian leaders disappear. •The Peltast • These polis had leaders handpicked by Spartans. Thebes •Formerly the biggest bully was Spartan Policy Sparta • These handpicked tyrants started •But now
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