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Classics Lecture #11

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000

Dec 3, 2012 • He only had power for a year so far. Alexander:356-323 • He can only bring half of his army • Hellenistic Era. because he must keep the other • Very charismatic guy. half in Macedonia to maintain • Always carried the Iliad with him. peace. • Looked up to Achilles, wanted to • He brought 50k of soldiers, he was very outnumbered. be like Achilles. There wasn’t a lot of money to pay • HowdidheManageHisEmpire? the soldiers. • When he died it was the end of the • Its important that he meant to Greek period. STAY and conquer. The Persians didn’t realize this; neither did his • Hellen = Greek. own soldiers. • Hellenistic = Influenced by the Greeks. • The strategy was to attack before • At the age of 21 Phillip II (his the persians can be gathered father) died. together. • If he dealt with them individually, • After Phillip II was assassinated it then he’s pretty much fucked. was unsure if Alexander was going to be king. • As soon as he entered they • Even if he did become the king, it attacked and tried to capture was uncertain if he will have the them. • He conquered all the harbor cities support of all the Macedonians. in 30 months. • He did get the throne but it was very weak security. • Someone told him that he is going Gaugamela to have to give up half of his • At Gaugamela the persian king finally gathers a large fighting empire. force to fight Alexander. • All the people Phillip conquered started revolting. • Alexander is very outnumbered but • His advisor told him he can’t leave still he did well and the king fled. Macedonia because if he leaves • The king got killed on his way by either people that likes Alexander then someone else will take his or people that hated him. throne. • Ignoring the advice that he went • He wants to govern this place, he from tribe to tribe to put down the doesn’t want to enslave everyone revolts • But its a HUGE empire and he had He went around so quickly that 50k people, it was a difficult job to • run this empire. people thought he died. • Having secured his position and • Alexander was also on horseback comes back to Macedonia. and him and his band were a group of people what would go InvasionAgainstPersianEmpire wherever that needed assistance. • That played a large factor and • Died at the age of 31. Partied too made him a ‘savior’ in the mind of hard looks like it. the soldiers. • He didn’t leave a will or who should inherit the throne. Persepolis • He said ‘when I die you’re gonna • There was a beautiful library there see games” WTF looking for that was really important. trouble. • He burned it to the ground saying He was also full of fashion it was revenge for Athens which • was once burned to the ground. • Very grand and looking afar • Others said he was just drunk and • He wanted to do something more did that during a party which went that just mortals out of hand. • He had a lot of sons • There was one son that was his East favorite son • When the persian king left these • So these men ‘helped’ Alexander’s people who were nomads and used son to hold power since the child to being ruled, didn’t care who was too young ruled. • It was clear that none of these • Some other tribes in mountainous associates were ever going to give regions people were less willing to the power to the child. accept him. • Perdiccas (administrative) and • It took him 6, 7 or 8 years to Antipater (military) were the co- conquer them. rulers. • He married a girl from that region, • While they tried to bring Roxanne. He also encouraged his
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