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Classics Lecture #12

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

January 7, 2013 they’ll tell you’re not. They’re free and they don’t need to make any living and has the freedom to do whatever they want to do. THEHELLENISTICWORLD • Technology is painfully slow in this • Theres a lot of advancement in era, there were very few military technology. • Hellenistic world is a world where inventions the Greek world is a part of a much • It wasn’t because they were stupid, its just the people who wider world. were gathering evidence had really little contact with people who did • One aspect that is driven by pure research (used their minds) research is the world of medicine. • Healing in Greek is Iatros, • So the people that question “where to babies come from” were • Healers were always trying to find disconnected with people that a spiritual explanation, looking for were breeding cattle etc. a God thats responsible and stuff, • Hence there were very little Gods must be displeased and he’ll bring in a sickness. applied science that changed the Hippocrates combined all the world in terms of coming up with • practical use. medical writing that existed. • Upper class didn’t like to do ANY • He presented a whole theory of labour for PROFIT. You can do a lot how healing works, and he of workout at the gym but you explained WHY things work. Clearly he didn’t write all of it, and can’t use time for the sake of • profit, as it was prejudiced against. everyone knew, he only collected • Therefore the upper class went but he got credits for it. through a lot of trouble to prove • The founder of medicine, its a “I’m only doing this not for profit!” MASSIVE collection of medical records. Cases and cases of So nothing was invented from their research, it wasn’t allowed to be medical records and debates of applied and used. various healers etc. • No practical application was ever • He wrote a framework of how done, it was a shameful thing if healers ought to behave. There there were social benefits. was a hippocratic oath was th
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