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Classics Lecture #13

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

January 14, 2013 •Those were the earliest civilizations INTRODUCTIONTOROME •There were 3 major powers, all foreign TheAppealofRome •The first were the Greeks • People who were interested in the •The italy was risky for anyone to idea of creating a culture together go to by boat. •The phoenicians were a strange • Used legal precedents • An experiment of creating a empire of merchants built on harmonious existence sailing and finding raw materials • Rome’s failure = a question of and shipping them to other whether harmonious unions are civilizations •They were the middle man in the doomed to fail? • 509 BC Rome becomes significant ancient world player in Italy •The Etruscans were a federations • That was when they started of 12 cities that worked together insisting on their own freedom •They think they can tell the future by looking at the liver of an ox • By 1 BC they were REALLY big. A whole empire was formed •Hepatoscopy was this guide that • They ended up controlling the tells u what it means when a liver whole Mediterranean empire. is fucked etc. Christianity took Rome as its •Because their language is • unrelated to others around them, capital • 753-509BC:RegalPeriod its hard for us to understand their • 509-31BC:Republic work and stuff 31BC-AD476:Empire/Imperial •At one period they begin to imitate • Greek civilizations. • Regal means to be ruled by kings •This is called the Orientalizing • Republic means common wealth period, in the 7th to 6th c. • Emperors appeared in the Imperial time •They didn’t have symposia, they just borrowed their images but didn’t really participate in those Italy kind of Greek activities. • More hospital in comparison to •They had equality in men and Greek woman • Theres the Apennines mountains, which are volcanics. Villanovans • The volcanos send a lot of minerals •Not natives, they migrated here and hence better soil. • More fruitful, more wheat, more with other tribes •Prospered in the souther part of metal timber, etc etc. italy • People will keep moving from sea •They had weird pottery shore and the mountains, •They’re in a defensive position, depending on the seasons and its not open to naval attacks ROME’SVALUESONRANKANDSTATUS ROMULUSANDREMUS MISSED THIS PART Status • It also means your ancestors and RegalPeriod your future family etc. • 7 kings = 245 years of ruling • Your ancestors are looking at you Romulus was the founder of to see how you perform, and your • everything Roman. Such as descendants, the unborn, are also marriage, tribes, etc. looking and judging you • Numa was the founder of religion • This makes people very and colleges for priest. conservative and controlled Then there was Ancus Marcius who • The Atrium is a large op
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