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Classics Lecture #14

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

January 21st 2013 offered to the ancestors and the family gods. Religion,theConquestofItaly,andthePunic •The Romans were very precise Wars with their sacrifices (if sacrifices needed to be on march 13th, the • Memorize Imperium slide in the Romans will always sacrifice on PPT. that day). • Centuriate assembly was initially a •Different type of sacrifices for different gods (eg. Black animals battle assembly. Later known as the higher up you are, the more for underworld gods). votes the people have. •Roman engineering began with • The senate (old people) originally religion (sacrifice must be made at was very much like the elders of an exact spot. Engineering was needed for absolute precision to the greeks. get to the spot- building roads to • Composed of all who held office in the cursus honorum (the four make it to the spot/place of posts), then became senator for worship). life. •Priests are not to give moral The senate had no official power. guidance. They are religious • lawyers (if you want something • Gave advice and submitted bill for people to vote upon. from god, priests help you get it). • Senators only of upper class •Becoming a priests was part of a families. political career and needed training. • Although since there were more •Priestly colleges are groups of lower class people, some must have been related to the upper priests with specific class and were able to climb up responsibilities. the ranks and become senators. •Pontiffs: settle religious commands The officials were dependent on and in charge of the calendar. • •Augurs: Oversaw oracles, omans. the upper class, therefore the senate go a lot of respect. •Flamens are priests for specific • Numina: spirit. The early Romans gods. believe that the world was •Vestal Virgins: kept the sacred manifested by spirits. fireplace of rome. •Roman syncretism (interaction of • Sky god, war god. • Etruscan influenced this upon the cultures)- Roman tolerance, Romans. especially religion. • "The conquered Greeks conquered •Emperors fear of the paranormal. the Romans". Greek and Roman •Mysteries of Rome: •Moral code gods are similar as the Romans picked up parts of the Greek •Personal contact religion. •Purification • Ancestors (Pietas: giving what is •Hope for the afterlife. owed to someone)- very important in Roman culture. Sacrifices were • Bacchanalian cult who were • Two minor greek cities had a perceived dangerous were feared conflict, one asked for Roman help, by Romans. the other city sank some Roman • Roman authority allowed for ships. Roman declared was on the worship of god of choice. city and that city called in Pyrrhus • Magna mater, exotic worship. to help them. Worship the great mother. Romans • Pyrrhus destroys Romans twice. did not know what that meant. Rome was ready to fight a third Found to be meteorite. time, Pyrrhus left after second war. • Isis: unofficial temples at rome. When he left, greek cities yielded Related to aphrodite and to roman authority. cleopatra. • Degrees of citizenship: • Mithras
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