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Classics Lecture #15

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

January 28, 2013 PhillipVofMacedon,theGauls,andtheSyrian THEROMANEMPIRE War •A few small communities came to BendingtheRomanConstitution Rome asking for freedom from • He was very experienced in the them military but he wasn’t part of the •They secured the support of the Gauls and told Romans that council • He never even held office before Hannibal escaped there • Senate strongly advised against •Romans asked them to hand him him but the people really liked him over, they said no so the war and so the senate couldn’t do started •So many Greeks gathered to see anything • He wanted to put his name forward what this Proclamation of Corinth and lead Romans to invade spain was about and Africa •But they were given freedom and • Instead the Romans proclaimed they were in shock? •Syrian king came to asia minor to Scipio Africanus, he was aristocracy but he was a young ask the Roman commander to ask man who continuously throwing what should be done about himself forward and did not work everyone that asked for freedom together with the peers •The Roman took out a sword, and So then there was no funding carved a little rock and said: okay • given, “yes fine you’re allowed to u get that much land and u have do this but we wont give u any until the Morning, and so the money” Syrians left • Without fundings he borrowed •The Roman got 15thousand towns money and found volunteers and and 15thousand blocks of silver and after that victory no Roman invaded africa and the senates couldn’t do anything to this private had to pay taxes anymore citizen • This pleased the Roman people but After the Syrian War this was a frightening precedent •It was a period of unrest and He won and took over Africa and dissatisfaction in the Roman • became rich and came home and empire he was prosecuted for his •How is it that after 2 victories, and embezzlement of funds (bribes afterwards Romans all gave them etc.) and he beat the charges freedom • His brother was prosecuted and •Why would there still be so much problems? beat the charges • However the senates continued to •Roman gave them freedom but he harass him because he didn’t served as a patron/father figure to follow the Roman them • You don’t hear much about him •Took the people a while to realize that although they were free they after this weren’t really free and they • These Equestrians emerged when shouldn’t offend Rome
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