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Classics Lecture #20

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

March 18th 2013 TheJulio-Claudians - Octavion Caeser is a leader of Rome, his last name becomes an official title. So much from him got imitated. - Julio-Claudions come from the blood line of Julius and Claudius Tiberius - Tiberias is the son of Livea and the step son of Augustus. He was not Augustus' first choice to be his heir, but everyone suitable died. - School prepares student for transition into active members of society. - Cheaters build poor reputations in general society. - Tiberius the man has a poor record, but Tiberius the emperor was a great leader. - Did not want any of Augustus' titles at a ceremony, which led to confusion. - Forced to travel to Rome periodically, divorce his wife and marry one of royalty, Julia, known as a cheater (cheated on past 3 husbands). This marriage ended on a poor note and they divorced EmperorTiberius - Germanicus named as heir. He was the nephew of Tiberius. - Germanicus was popular, successful as a soldier and the people loved him as oppose to Tiberius. - Tiberius is envious of Germanicus is the rumour, but it is likely not the case. He summons Germanicus to Syria after Germanicus didnt listen the first time and he died in Syria. - Some people persumed that it was from poison as there was blood on the walls, voodoos and when the Romans see the body come home which is escorted by his wife and 4 kids. The people are crying, but Tiberius did not want to give him a worthy burial. The people are outraged. - Sejanus - Sejanus was the head of Tiberius' body guard. He is his only friend and he saved him in a cave. His personal guard is called the Platorian Guard. A personal army of top notch soldiers, very best in Rome and were about 3000 men per emperor. - Tiberius executes his own son for having sex with his wife, julia. - Sejanus was actually the one responsible as he was abusing his authority. Arrested personal enemies and started trison trials. Tiberius' son was the first to be trialed for trison. - Tiberius eventually found out and they executed Sajanus. He executes every friend and family member of Sajanus due to loss of trust. - Tiberius now is completely alone and has no one to trust EconomicandMilitaryPolicy - Wants a circular environment to make the border unique, making it harder to defend, which is strange. - Did not conquer all of Germany, Tiberius gave it back because he wanted the whole thing. Caligula - The son of Germanicus was Caligula (little boots). Gives Romans entertainment, lowers taxes, builds building, no more trison trials. Was loved by the people. - He wanted to invade britain and go against Germany. He is everything Tiberius is not. - Caligula had sex with his sister to be like Jupiter and devoured the fetish after hearing a prophecy about the child being dangerous. - Held dinner party for senators and broke into laughter because he said all he has to do is say one word and everyone would get their heads chopped off. - Had no successor, assassinated by own body guard - After no Julio-Claud
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