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Classics Lecture #22

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

April 1st 2013 3) Thraex: hold spears until it seemed to be an unfair advantage. CHARIOT RACES, ROMAN THEATRES Greaves, helmet with griffin. The griffin was the animal of the MoreonGladiators goddess of justice, Nemesis. Always -Armour common for all gladiators a statue of goddess in these games was loincloth and leather and linen and sacrifices occurred before the wraps on body parts for more games. Emphasis on fair play and protection. Also manicas were metal attention to the rules. arm protectors and greaves were metal leg protectors. Each gladiator 4) Hoplomachus: Fought with big, round shields. If person lost was designated his own armour. and did not try hard enough, they -Wore helmets that covered entire had to get their throats cut even head. after the death blow. -Chests were bare. Firstly it was 5) Retiarlus: Huge manica on arm, more exciting and secondly, it have a net and a pitchfork and a emphasized the sexuality of the small dagger. Not a lot of protection. gladiators. 6) Secutor: Armour similar to -Gladiator armour was asymmetrical marmilla. Secutor means per suer. (one gladiator had armour the other one had different armour. -Gladiator fights in the imperial era GladiatorsCon't was an official sport with official rules. -Gladiator movie, Russell Crowe covered chest which is historically wrong. The equipment is odd (no helmet or shield). Manica on the Gladiatortypes wrong arm. 1) Equites (horsemen): Coloured -Women gladiators showed up as tunics, manica, helmets and two well quite frequently. feathers and they only fought each ot
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