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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

February 27, 2014 Gods - Roma – Goddess of Rome, Jupiter – Athena, Jupiter – Zeus - Know the gods we spoke of in class - Julius Caesar said that his family is traced back to the Goddess Venus Origin of Rome (according to Roman history) - Romulus and Remus – twins, borne of Mars, the god of war - Mars impregnated a Vestal virgin - Twins born, set in a basket down a stream - Romulus and Remus decided to make a city - Romulus killed his brother, naming the city Rome after himself - Date is set to 753 BC - Romulus and Remus are supposed to be the grandchildren of Aeneas - 7 kings - King’s name reflect what they did o Romulus – Rome o One named after a spirit – Numa o Hostilius – enemy, reinforced the army o 5 king is an Etruscans (society that existed before Rome) o Last king is Superbus - End of the Regal period: 509. Ended because the son of the last king raped a woman named Lucretia who was known to be loyal, and she killed herself. One of the people who witnessed this, saw how corrupt the kingdom was, and vowed to make sure there was never any kings again. Superbus is driven out Origin of Rome (according to archeology) - Vilanovan people discovered. Believed to be there around the year 1000 - Around the year 750, a wall was found - A settlement in the area of Rome with trading etc. - Destruction evident around the year 500, however this doesn’t prove the Romans were right War with the Latin League - Rome gets into a war with the Latin League. It then starts to absorb other cities, an
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