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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

Review February 28, 2014 Know the Cursus Honorum. Quaestor – aedile – praetor – consul Consul (2)– war, executes law, imperium Praetor (367)– legal dispute, back up imperium Aedile (367)– city maintenance Quaestor(447) – finances Tribune (494) – civil rights Censor (443) – The Senate – life time membership, composed ofanyone who was in the Cursus Honorum Don’t need to know dates, but know a general timeline of how Rome came to power Cassian Treaty – Rome alternates leadership with other cities, but eventually falls to Roman control Pyrrhic Victory – you win, but all your men die, so basically losing Equites – horseman, businessmen 1 punic war (264 – 241 BC) – Rome was losing, because they didn’t have a navy. They had anamazing lland force, but not navy. Carthage won with navy battles. The Romans built a navy using something called a “Raven”. It had a “beak” that came down, to allow the Roman soldiers to board enemy ships Hannibal – son of a Cathaginian general, vowed to destroy Rome. He planned to cross the alps with elepahnts and hit Rome with a surprise attack. He wanted to turn Rome’s allies against them. His plan didn’t work, because Rome’s allies didn’t want to betray them Quintus Fabius Maximus – procaratinator Battle of Cannae: 80000 Romans dead Publius Cornelius Scipio Afrianus – he fought in the Carthaginian war, he was a Roman general, much younger than most. Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus: Tribune, 133: public land bill. Gave soldiers land for free. He totally bypassed the Senate’s wil
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