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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

February 24, 2014 Mark Antony: co-consul w/ Caesar - G. Julius Caesar Octavianus (63 BC – AD 14) - The Senate’s dilemma - Octavian’s bluff - Cicero and Octavian (43) - When Julius Caesar was killed, the Senate had to devise a plan to keep his laws, which were good. If he was a tyrant, they had to remove his laws. If he was not a tyrant, the assassins committed murder. The plan they devised was illogical. They said that the assassins didn’t commit murder, and Caesar was not a tyrant. - Mark Antony was given the ability to give a funeral for Caesar. At this funeral, he was not allowed to say anything bad about the assassins. When he gave his eulogy, he praised all the great things that Caesar had done. This changed the opinions of the general public. This made the conspirators flee Rome, since the general opinion had shifted drastically. - Mark Antony is free to rule Rome because no one is there to challenge him. The assassins are attempting to gather forces outside of Rome to take power - As Mark Antony was executing the will of Julius Caesar, he saw that Octavian was due to receive a lot of money. He had health problems, and had no reknown. Antony kept stalling and stalling saying he would get around to it. - In retaliation, Octavian said he was Julius Caesar’s son. He erected statues of his “father”, and gathered support from statues. The Senate was thinking that Antony would kill Octavian. Antony did not want to do this, because it would displease the people. - Octavian wanted to get vengeance for the death of his father. He raised a private army (about 25000 soldiers) on borrowed funds. He attacked Rome when Antony wasn’t there. Octavian asked for the Senate to make him a consul. They refused. Antony charged on Rome, driving Octavian out. Antony did not kill him, as he still did not want to be the one to kill him. - When Antony stepped down, he said he was going to be keeping his armies. This is highly illegal - Octavian re-emerges with an army of 50000 soldiers. He asks the Senate this time to make him just a senator, and he will give his forces to oppose Antony. They agree to this deal. - Octavian then goes to Mark Antony, offers to join him as his junior partner. He wanted to take Rome with him. The 2 Triumvirate - They took Rome. They decided to split Rome into 3 parts. Antony ruled the richest part in the East, Octavian got the West, and
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